Our Equipment

Flash Drive, USB Drive, Thumb Drive, U Drive, Pen Drive, whatever you call the drive, it is becoming the standard for moving digital files.

Free-Mar Telecommunications is pleased to offer the latest in digital playback equipment for your 'Message On Hold' programs. With the 'flash drive/mp3 player,' we would send your 'Message On Hold' productions to you as an mp3 file.

Moving message files to this unit is quick and simple.

  • Insert a flash drive into a USB port of your PC or Mac and the computer will recognize it as a removable drive.

  • Next, 'copy & paste' or 'drag & drop' your 'Message On Hold' file into the flash drive.

  • Remove the flash drive from the computer and insert it into the player.

  • The unit will begin playing your 'Message On Hold' production. Very cool!